Advertising with Just-Local

Just-Local is all about businesses in our local area being easy to find and about the interaction with each other that can also create business. Our established Community Website, caters for Ellenbrook, Aveley, The Vines, Swan Valley, Henley Brook and Bullsbrook.

The website is fast becoming a central location for local residents to find any information they may want about their community. We have a Business Directory, Events Calendar, Community Groups, Just Kids, News and local Weather.

Business Networking

I would like to invite you all along to the Just-Local Networking meeting with a difference.
We meet regularly to help increase our member numbers and start referring business to each other.
This will be a chance for me to update you all on the progress of the website and discuss a all the improvements that we’re making.
It’s also an opportunity for you to get out of the office or home, meet some other local business owners and discuss some strategies.

Please bring along your business cards and you will also be given the opportunity to give the group a minute overview about your business if you’d like to.
We encourage you to invite any business owners who are not currently members of Just-Local to come to our networking meeting as visitors.
Just email their details through to Bec at so we know numbers and their details if possible.

There is no cost for these meetings.


Who do we invite

Business Owners or Sales Staff maybe commission or incentive based.
Ask in your circles of influence who runs a business or is looking to grow their business.
Bec also mentions each meeting which types of businesses we are targeting.
Think about businesses you already work closely with.
This group can help strengthen those relationships.

Why invite them

To help them win more business through referrals and grow their business.
To increase our member numbers which therefore should increase our referral business?

How do we invite

Face to face

Forward the email Bec sends out base or client contacts
Call people off your data base have a chat.
Let people know about Just-Local.
Eg; Who has been telling people about our Kids Day Saturday week?

When do you invite

It should be top of mind for you too keep a lookout for people in business who are growing and keen to meet new contacts.
However if you make a habit of a particular time of the week sitting down and direct calling potential leads that could work for you.

Follow up

Will be done within the week following by the nominated Just-Local Sales person.
It makes sense for you to also follow up with your visitor.

Visitor Numbers

100 visitors per year should be our target

4 a meeting
3 a year per member
1 each every 8 meetings or 4 months

Typically what happens is a few members invite many visitors and many members invite no visitors.

So ask yourself
How many visitors have I invited to the meetings?
How many have actually come along?
Did they become members?